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TTS offers transcription of medical professionals daily dictation, chart notes, office notes, referral letters, etc. These are all transcribed by a trained professional with great care, professionalism as well as confidentiality in knowing that these documents are invaluable to the patients, doctors and hospitals. We offer the digital recording option as well as cassette options. However the digital option provides the ability to provide excellent turnaround times, which in most cases is 24 hours. 

Insurance Industry

We offer recorded statement transcription to the P&C (property and casualty) claims market, WC (worker's compensation) claims market, automobile claims as well as disability claims, veteran's disability appeals. These statements are transcribed verbatim unless requested otherwise. 

Criminal Justice/Legal

We offer transcription services of video/audio interviews for investigative/legal purposes to law firms, law enforcement departments, private investigators, etc. These transcripts are always transcribed verbatim, unless otherwise instructed. We are trained in multiple voice verbatim transcription. 

Focus Groups/Research Videos/Marketing/Board Meeting/Town Council Minutes/Lectures/Podcasts

TTS can transcribe your focus group meetings whether it's an audio recording or video recording. We can process any and all of your marketing meetings, videos, etc. We can also transcribe your board meeting minutes, town council minutes, podcasts, lectures, etc.  In most cases these are transcribed "cleaned up" verbatim, unless otherwise instructed by the client. 

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