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Rates vary for different types of transcription/document processing. We tailor our rates to fit your needs. When we get an inquiry for a perspective job, we gather all the pertinent information about what your needs are for your finished project. We will then customize a rate based on the information we have compiled which includes: Volume, type, TAT (turnaround time), setup, etc. There are many aspects involved in customizing a price that is suitable for what your needs are.

We feel it is of paramount importance that we discuss all aspects and desires of our clients so that we can calculate a pricing that is suitable for each and every project/job. We prefer to not "quote" a price until we have gathered all information so that we give you a fair and detailed price for your project. You will then be given a written confirmation of what the pricing for your perspective job will be with any all details explaining the processing of your project.

There are many different price variations out there which include: Per hour, per page, per line, per character, per audio/video minute, etc. We do not charge for things such as time stamps, dead listening space, etc. Due to our 25+ years experience, we feel that customizing our pricing per job is the most effective and fair pricing solution.

We pride ourselves in not "lumping"everyone together with a "set" price but customizing our rates to fit your needs. 

Please feel free to contact us for a personalized rate based on your needs. 

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