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Have you ever thought about how important accurate up to date paper documents are? For instance your medical records, wills, invoices, receipts, etc. Paper documents will always be important and never not be needed. A paper document is a concrete copy of an important document/photo. Important papers are proof that events occurred such as financial transactions. One's birth certificate is a prime example of a "paper" document that is used to prove age when needed in certain circumstances and transactions. Paper documents are tangible and visible and are especially helpful for people with no computer knowledge or who are not tech savy.

There are some advantages to digital documents which include: They are easily accessible at a moment's notice to everyone. Digital documents don't take up physical storage space.

However with a paper document there are a few more advantages. Security being the number one reason a paper document is much safer. In today's technology accounts, passwords, emails, etc. are breached everyday and with a paper copy it is secure and safe and in your possession. Also readability is another issue, some folks would rather read a paper copy in hand, than a digital copy on a computer screen. Yes, paper documents can be damaged whether accidentally or on purpose, such as with fires, water damange or human error such as misplacement or can be lost in transit such as via USPS.

Yes, technology is awesome to store documents/pictures, but I urge everyone to have a backup paper copy of their "digital" documents/photos. You never know when you may need a copy! Something to think about!

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