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Suggestions for Producing Clear Audio 

Clear and Precise Audio is of the utmost importance in the transcription process.  

Recording Devices

The method of recording is very important and will aid in making the transcription process as accurate as possible.  Digital recorders are preferable, but not necessary, however with technology digital recorders have adjustments that can help with background noises sounds, etc.  

Background Noise 

Background noises, other people talking, etc. makes it very difficult to process a recording.  Placing the recorder on a flat surface and in a quiet space and/or if you are the dictator sitting in a quiet space is very important to ensure a clear quality recording.  Also when doing focus groups, town hall meetings, meetings with multiple speakers the placement of the microphones is also very important so that clear speech is recorded.  

Providing All Pertinent Information

Providing all pertinent information regarding the project is very helpful to the transcriptionist.  Clear pronunciation of names, places, street names, numbers, etc. is very important.  Using references such as B as in Ball or V as in Victor is very helpful to discern what someone is saying.  


Spelling anything and everything that you can expedites the process of transcription such as places, first and last names, street names, business names, etc.  This also helps the transcriptionist to provide the final product as fast as possible without having to stop transcribing to look up or investigate these types of things.  

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