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What is the "normal" turnaround time?

24-48 hours from receipt of job.

What format are completed documents in?

Documents are returned according to the client's specifications, which can include PDF, Microsoft Word. The finished documents can then be emailed, printed or stored on a flash drive, whatever the client's preference.

Is every client's rate the same?

No! Each individual project is analyzed and given a "tailored" rate based on the customer's needs, volume, time and type of document needed to be processed.  

Is the processing/transcription of documents performed electronically, such as VRS (voice recognition software).

Positively not! All documents are transcribed and processed by a real live experienced transcriptionist. One of the highlights of our service is that you get great customer service from a live person that keeps in contact with the client from start to finish of the entire project.  

Can documents be typed from handwritten copy? 

They most certainly can.  We can type documents from typed copy, handwritten copy or whatever material you need to be typed or reproduced.  

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