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Our journey has spanned 30+ years.

An Idea is Born

30+ years in the making! We are a family owned and operated business. Family was the foundation to starting this business, as family is of the utmost importance to us, and by starting this business, we wanted to give qualified transcriptionists an opportunity to work from home, and still make their families a priority along with the opportunity to have a career. 

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Founder & CEO

Founder/CEO, Sandi Hall, started this business with the vision of being a female business owner that was able to have a career, and still raise a family, and to follow her dream of giving other women an opportunity to work from home, help support their family financially, and essentially "choose" their work hours. Sandi and her husband have been married for 41 years and have four children and nine grandchildren.  

Happy Customers!

As a result of our commitment to providing the most affordable, high quality service with our client's needs and customer service as our #1 priority, the majority of our clients are repeat clients or referrals from previous clients. 

Why Us?

We are a family based company that provides down to earth services. We provide professional, expedient accurate, secure documents in conjunction with excellent customer service. Our clients satisfaction is our #1 priority! You will receive personalized customer service which means, your documents are not processed by someone overseas or a voice recognition system. It will be processed by a professional transcriptionist that produces a professional top quality document. Once your document has been transcribed it is ready to go and you have a professional document to send out. There is no need for anyone, such as a "scribe" to go back and edit anything. We take pride in providing professional, secure, accurate documents.

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